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Girl Pants Show Off My Figure Better

Girl Pants are where it's at, apparently.

Maybe the_automatik can do some field research on the LSU campus sometime and give us a full report on these hardcore kids.
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that article made me throw up in my mouth. i hope that shirt isn't for the band lush.

You've been having some barf issues, lately, eh? ;P

Maybe the Karma Police will get those fuckers.
LOL! I just posted about this in gas_face. I have cousins that go there. I will have to get the scoop for you.

FWIW, LSU is where frat pledges die from alcohol poisoning. I hate that place.
those two guys real totally have livejournals with usernames like xfistsofgodx or x_broken_soul_x.
sorry xnumber20x :]
No, I meant with LAUGHTER!
i was kiddin' ya, should have winked.
I feel completelt "ignant" (as the young urban kids say), but what are all the x's for in emo kids' usernames?

i'm 99.9% sure it means straight edge. or is it straightedge?
Maybe it's xstraigtxedgex.
I always thought it was a way to get a particular user name that was already taken by sticking some xs and _ in there.
I don't know. I give up.
Those kids need to do way more drugs.

Or have more sex.
i hate anarexia
i hate flip flops
A lot of guys in girl pants show up at Made In China shows, and it makes me want to throw up. I mean, is this where the state of single straight men is heading, because I don't want it.
Did someone say hardcore?

those two boy-girls gang-banged me. i have proof.
And what about the haircuts??? Especially dude on the right? Gross!

Whenever someone writes an article like that, you know it's over.