the_baffler (the_baffler) wrote in teen_council,

The bird is the most popular finger.

'Eff what you heard. Act like you know. Although not directly related to the fashion spectrum, I would like to bring to the council's attention the fact that there is a fetish centering around tiny little women. Known as "shrinking women", these lil' firecrackers are the fantasy of many glassy-eyed custodians worldwide. Why is this fetish newsworthy? Because with it comes the requisite "fan art". Time to get speechless:

"Better get the tape measure out here... Yep, you're tiny."

I'm not sure if de-legging is part of it, or if it falls under a separate sub-category of troubling masturbatory fodder.

"Let me check my 56 copies of Catcher in the Rye"

I love the mechanic-from-Alabama-looking-at-a-Ferrari headscratch in this one.

Her posture kinda throws me, but I'll assume that's a tail.

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