Bendito Chavez: Young, Black and Gifted (jimmymontrose) wrote in teen_council,
Bendito Chavez: Young, Black and Gifted


For my job I have to visit tons and tons of college websites. The webmaster's choice in stock photography always amuses me. Sometimes the blandness of their attempt to protray a multicultural atmosphere just slaps you across the face with its ugliness. They wind up turning everyone into retarded looking white kids who shop at Old Navy or possibly even Wal-Mart. Seriously, they look like the girls in those Wal-Mart commercials that are going on and on about how much fun they have shopping for clothes. Shopping for clothes at Wal-Mart. That commercial used to make me cry. Well laugh mostly, but I would cry late at night if I thought about it too much.

After you finish throwing up...

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