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Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait

Yesterday, despite my fever, I went out to the mall in search of a new pair of white Bass buck shoes. A very classic, standard style. Or so I thought. They were no where to be found. A little further digging on the world wide weez proved to be even more frustrating. The only thing close to what I'm looking for on the G.H. Bass web site is this:

Close, but no cigar. I want a pair that has brown/tan patches around the laces and around the back. Like saddle oxfords or whatev. I already have a pair of solid white shoes, so I want a pair with some brown. I desperately need this pair of shoes to pull off the Former Radical Political Activist that Now Teaches Math or English at a Local Community College Because He Has a Criminal Record Which Makes it Difficult to Find Real Work look that I'm tring to achieve this Fall - complete with beard and elbow patched blazers, etc. If I can't find the coveted white pair of shoes described above, what do you think about option B: the Hush Puppie boot?

I mean, if they're good enough for Ash in Evil Dead, then they're good enough for me. But do you guys think I should get the charcoal (pictured above) or the tan (below). I usually wear more browns, but I like the charcoal a lot.

Uh, this was mostly just an attempt to get some activity started on the Teen Council...
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Those look like Clarks. You also need one of these:

I forgot to mention that you should get some Sebagos with the laces curled up into that little spiral at the ends

LMAO! Dude, I totally rocked that look in 1984.
what are you thinking..nooooooooooooooooo
don't deny...multiply.
Yeah, Clarks. That is what I was thinking. I had the greatest Nubuck Bass boots in the early 90s that someone stole. Fuck, I miss those shoes.
charcoal all the way
If anyone can pull off the FRPANTMELCCBHHCRWMDFRW look, you can! I have faith. I need a new look for fall. Maybe you'll inspire me.
could FRPANTMELCCBHHCRWMDFRW be the new black?
then #3 below might be good for your wardrobe if you decide to go with a Parker Lewis inspired Media Play Gay look this season.

it saddens me to say that I DO NOT have big enough cahones to pull off that look.
i also agreed with your Broadway comment, but it was deleted and I couldn't respond to it...
i KNOW you could find them at an Avondale or Greenbriar suit store!