The Council Will Now Meet In Private

and discuss your personality flaws

Teen Council
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The Teen Council is not meant to be a mean spirited but simply a place for people to vent about fashions/trends you have noticed people sporting around town. You can make a list of things people wear/do/say that annoy you as well as things people wear/do/say that strike your fancy. You can discuss things that are tired, things that are on the rise. You can even be the first to name/label trends "_______ chic is the ________ chic" -- just be quick before Vice Magazine or Paper gets ahold of them.

Feel free to provide links, scan pics from magazines or even upload actual snap shots of hipsters/lamesters that you've seen around your nek uv da woods. Teen Council members with those fancy new camera-cellphones will be awarded special V.I.P. status.

As president/vice-president of the Teen Council, jimmymontrose & no_pants_island will distribute demerits as we see fit.

The Council Will Now Meet In Private & Discuss Your Personality Flaws.
asymmetrical haircuts, avaitor shades, backstage broadway chic, bike messenger chic, black&white stripped shirts, blatant fanny pack usage, boriqua/blacktino chic, breakdancers, budget living, campers, core, cross colors, deconstructed rock t's, diesel jeans, dress sneakers, faux hawks, flashdance, footless tights, geometric jewlery, graffiti artists, gwen's fashion club (daria), hipsters are annoying, ironic moustaches, italian sneakers, jelly bracelets, leg warmers, leotard chic, long bangs, madonna (early), math core, members only, meshcaps, meshcaps sported sideways, miami-vice after six chic, moby bald heads, music video stylists, nascar/redneck chic, neon, neptunes' stylists, nerd chic, no socks, not clothing warehouse, oversized sunglasses, paper magazine, parallel lines, prince, prince/revolution/pirate chic, riverdale thrift stores, rolled up pantlegs, ruffled blouses, salt n pepa, secretary chic, spotting urban outfitter employees, stretch pants, strokes clones, strokes fro, terrycloth jumpsuits, the white belt brigade, tired brit pop kids, totally core, two tone hair, urb magazine, urban outfitter blandness, vice magazine, vidal sasson, wednesday hair, white belts, wigger chic, wristbands